November 19

5 Reasons Your Sense of Humor will make your Lifestyle a lot Better


Your sense of humor may be the most effective way to live a more fulfilling life.

It is something that makes you better understand your day to day life and the people you live it with.

You sense of humor is something that is helpful in your personal and social life!

Here's a video I made for you where I share with you five reasons a sense of humor can help you create a better lifestyle.

I've seen these develop over time in my personal life and the lives of my coaching clients as they become more in touch with their sense of humor.

1. Better Conversations

When you're in touch with your sense of humor, you know how to have fun a lot more. You know how to go with the flow.

And you also keep the other person that you're speaking to in mind.

This allows you to be a lot more entertaining and the conversation a lot less boring.

Your communication gets a lot more enhanced because you really have to be in the moment and allow the other person to be in the moment with you in order for things to be humorous.

See, humor also involves you being versatile with your personality and flexible with the words you use.

The way you interpret things, the judgments you have.

Any of these things can be made for fun and games,

If you know how to use your sense of humor in the right context of that conversation.

Consider improvisation using the tool "Yes, and..."

Which anything that goes your way in terms of somebody you're speaking with, you can just use "Yes, and..." to keep the flow going and making the conversation very entertaining.

2. More Enthusiasm

The second reason why your sense of humor will make your lifestyle a lot better is because you'll have more enthusiasm.

Because of the awareness of you

Keeping a positive mindset, even when things are looking down, is a very important way to live your life.

Because no matter what comes your way, if you have the ability to keep an enthusiasm within you, you're able to find more humorous things in your everyday life.

Now, this involves having some perspectives not only of your own, but also the perspectives of everyone around you.

You'll probably get a lot less angry in your life if you keep in mind the enthusiasm that your sense of humor can bring to you.

For example, if something gives you anger you'll be able to make fun of the feeling rather than be succumb to it.

And because your sense of humor uses the power of perspectives, consideration is now in play here.

You'll be able to see life through someone else's eyes and have a better perspective on how to make fun of it,
whether it's your own or someone else's.

This allows you to have consideration in using the perspectives of other people's lives and then seeing your own perspectives through their perspective.

Kind of a tricky perspective here, but nonetheless, this is a really good way to come up with some great material on the spot, seeing life outside and being considerate of another perspective.

And because of this awareness and because of these perspectives and because of these considerations, you now are able to find the funny around you a lot faster.

You see, your sense of humor can be like a radar where you're always seeking out these opportunities
to be funny, and it can even be working in the background unconsciously without you even knowing.

Once something funny comes up and you see the opportunity you can call it out a lot more quickly than others.

3. Better Relationships

Reason number three, your sense of humor can give you a better lifestyle is because you'll be engaging in more better relationships.

Partners who understand your sense of humor is a very important thing.

In order for that partnership to build a bond, you'll be laughing at things like inside jokes more often.

You'll be going with the flow and dancing with each other with things that you find entertaining.

You'll watch movies together that you both enjoy.

You'll laugh at things spontaneously when no one else is laughing.

These little things really do come together for you to build a great relationship with someone that you meet and that you really like, and you'll be more aware if you like the person or not.

OK, sense of humor is considered one of the most important things for a relationship to work out.

Nine out of ten people, according to a study on the book "Ha!" by S. Weems,

Has stated that they claim a sense of humor is important in a partner.

And then when they asked people that were in failed marriages, they never even mentioned a sense of humor.

And if you're in the dating world, you'll have more options and dates will find you more attractive and entertaining.

And whenever you go out on dates with them, that can also be entertaining and this gives you the confidence to talk to any kind of personality to see if you guys are a match.

4. Better Friends

The fourth reason why your sense of humor will give you a better lifestyle is because you'll find better friends.

Not only will you be more entertaining, but you'll be like a beacon for people to have joy around you.

Your presence is a very humorous one, and you'll stand out and people would love to be around you if you're making them laugh or making them feel like they can be themselves.

You yourself can also be yourself around these people because of this self esteem and confidence that your personality emanates.

When you start using humor with the people you meet. It's also a really good way to talk to strangers.

If you go out to a party, for example, your sense of humor can allow you to make friends with those strangers a lot more quickly than somebody waiting in the corner for an opportunity to speak to someone.

Even if you're an introvert, your sense of humor can give you the ability to be an extrovert when you need to be.

5. Understanding Yourself Better

And the fifth and final reason as to why your sense of humor can give you a better lifestyle is because your sense of humor is a great tool to understand yourself.

Your voice, your values, and the values of others come together for you to realize some sort of secret to life that can be made fun of.

Everyday When you go out living your everyday life, you will always find the funny in anything and everything
and everyone you meet. And this allows you to understand where that humor comes from.

I believe your sense of humor is like a fingerprint no one else has the same accumulation of values, perspectives, consideration, and ability to make people laugh the way you do.

Whenever you see a famous comedian on the Internet or on a television or on a streaming channel, you'll realize quickly that their personality shines through as an individual.

Same thing in movies.

Something about the script and the way that the actor portrays the script makes it his or her own.

So keep in mind that your sense of humor will allow you to understand who you are once you get in touch with that voice and how to make things funny in your own way.

If you believe that getting in touch with your sense of humor is a great way to enhance your own personal lifestyle, I invite you to get in contact with me for one on one coaching OR try out our How to Find Your Sense of Humor course.


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