Launch Your Comedy Podcast Easily With

A Step-by-Step Plan

(...Just get out of your head and talk to your online audience, starting right now.)

Podcasts have become the fastest way to connect with your like-minded audience. The only way to make that connection is to get started!

Comedy and conversations - what better way to bring people together and be entertained with your funny point of view. If you have funny things to say about topics, current events, or have a show idea, the faster you find your audience, the faster your show will gain popularity. Here's how I can help...

Create A Comedy Podcast That Your Audiences Will LOVE!

Plan Your Show

Get clear on what you're going to talk about and why your audience will care. Once you know what direction you're headed - you'll get the results you're looking for.

Just Get Started

Don't get caught up on the details. Most creators get stuck on some of the most mundane things: what will people think? Will this be funny? The fact of the matter is you won't get any listeners early on, so just get started and start practicing.

Find Sponsors

Once you've gained some listeners, I'll show you how to get sponsors interested in your audience and pay you to be featured on your show.

Grow Your Online Audience

Understand your audience and you'll find them - connect with your audience and more will find you! I'll show you how to make your audience like you and become magnetized to your sense of humor.

How To Launch Your Comedy Podcast.

Discover Your Comedy Style.

Understanding your unique sense of humor is the first step to creating a podcast. I'll show you why you laugh at the things you laugh at, and then I'll show you how to create content that comes naturally to you.

Work Out Your Comedy Creativity Muscles.

I'll show you how to get "in the zone" with your comedy creativity. Together, we'll work on your comedy point of view by writing, practicing and getting creative with what you like to laugh at, and how others can laugh along with you! Make your comedy come more naturally to you.

Create Comedy Content Consistently.

What makes an online comedian? Creating funny content more than once. In order to stand out online, you can't stop creating! Most amateur online comedians post one funny bit, and quit. You'll no longer become relevant if you stop being funny or even worse - if you stop posting - you'll have to start over! I'll show you how to easily have an unlimited amount of comedy content so you can crank them out everyday and make your audience laugh out loud.

Understand And Magnetize Your Online Audience.

Get followers that love your content and keep them wanting more. We'll work on creating a body of work that makes your ideal audience become magnetized to what you come up with. I can teach you how to make your audience have fun with you with any podcast episode. All you have to do is keep creating!

About Manny Garavito.

Hi, I'm Manny Garavito, I am a comedian, coach and edutainer. I show up-and-coming comedians how to shortcut their success by getting in touch with their unique comedy creativity. I've started various online businesses revolving around comedy, and created a modern day entertainer lifestyle by taking full control of my comedy career.

What It's Like To Get Comedy Coaching With Me.

Get a customized comedy coaching curriculum based on your needs! We will review what your goals and obstacles are, and you'll take the next steps to reach them. Your success in mine, we will tap into your comedy creativity together.

Meet Conveniently On Your Schedule.

We will meet virtually via Zoom based on your schedule - anytime, anywhere.

Weekly One Hour Sessions Focused On You.

Every one hour session is laser focused on discovering all the hilarious happening inside of you. We will develop what your podcast show will be about, go over any obstacles you may have to get started and transform you into becoming an online comedy podcast creator.

Customized To Your Comedy Goals.

My coaching is not one size fits all. Everyone has a different comedy style and I will help you find it, multiply it, and develop it to reach your goals.

Get Started With Your Comedy Podcast And Start Growing Your Online Audience - Right Now.

If you're a believer that you have a funny side that can be shared with an audience online, I invite you to join me on a 1-on-1 comedy discovery call that will show you how to develop your funny thoughts into a successful podcast show that will delight your audience with laughter! Fill out this form below and if we're a good match, I will get in contact with you.