Discover Your Unique Sense of Humor And Become The Most Interesting Person To Yourself And To Others

Learn to find the funny fast and create a confident lifestyle having more fun and making people laugh.

Learn a clear, step-by-step course of action to understand your sense of humor fast and turn it into a lifestyle full of comedy confidence!

Spark your inner comedian with an ecourse full of ideas, exercises, and insights that grows your sense of humor naturally and without frustration or resistance!

Many people have a calling to become a funny person, but very few go and actually master their sense of humor.

Being a naturally funny person requires inner work, and a clear plan of action for self-discovery and creativity! Very few pursue this because making people laugh seems like an impossible task! 

Being shy or worried of what others think all stems from the risk of humiliation!

This isn't another ecourse of how to write jokes, or how to perform comedy!

This is an ecourse for the people who want to be naturally funny in their everyday lives, to create a more fun lifestyle and how to share it with others.

Together with this ecourse we will go over the steps to take into finding the gifts of your personality that is naturally humorous, charming, and fun!

How To Find Your Sense Of Humor Ecourse

There is no other ecourse like this one that shows you how to quickly discover the gifts you naturally have to becoming a humorous human being. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Easy to comprehend

This ecourse is an easy guide that shows you what it takes to discover the side of you that allows you to be more enthusiastic and make others laugh.

Clear steps to take

Each lesson shows a specific insight, exercise and questions that uncover the parts of your understanding of humor and how to synchronize it in your life.

Comedy confidence

If you're the kind of person that knows you are confident, but are looking for a nudge to finally embody it, this ecourse will point you in the right direction to never feel shy or worry about humiliation.

Learn from your own sense of humor

Your sense of humor will teach you how to be a better person! It is a mirror that can show you a better image of who you naturally are AND you can cultivate more of what you can do with your personality by being a lifelong student of humor!

What's Inside This Ecourse?

We will go over easy to comprehend lessons showing you the right direction to finding, and growing along with your unique sense of humor.


Define What A Sense Of Humor Is For You

Comedy is subjective, so the better you are at understanding what it is, the more capacity you have to grow your sense of humor. this ecourse will show you the many "lenses" you can see comedy through allowing you to find more moments of funny opportunities happening in your everyday life!


Fine Tune Your Natural Ability To Find The Funny Fast

We will go over the many mindsets and ways of thinking into being naturally funny, confident and creative with a sense of humor. If you believe in these mindsets, no longer will you feel anxious or worried about what other people think! You can let your personality shine without trying too hard or coming off as arrogant. Attune yourself to a social group and watch your gift of gab naturally take over the conversation.


Become More Creative With Your Comedy

Your personal dedication to figuring out what makes you funny can be a daunting task. I will show you how to create comedy systems to simply collect, connect and select your sense of humor so that you can achieve the fun lifestyle you've always wanted to achieve without overthinking getting in the way.


Where To Take Your Sense Of Humor After Finding It

After understanding what your sense of humor is naturally inclined to, I will show you a step by step path into how to gain an unlimited amount of laughs in your everyday life and in the lives of others.

Your Ecourse Host,
Manny Garavito

I am a comedy coach and edutainer helping up-and-coming comedians  shortcut their career or lifestyle success by getting in touch with their unique sense of humor.


I've coached dozens of clients from various walks of life. From ages 12 to 67, awkward teens, award winning stand up comedians, ex convicts and helped more people understand their personality quirks and turn it into a source for humor.

I've started various online businesses revolving around comedy, and created a modern day entertainer lifestyle by taking full control of my comedy career.

I started a virtual comedy club in the city of Miami, that has been featured on the documentary Respect the Light on Amazon Prime.

manny garavito comedy coach

A Sense Of Humor Is A Human Gift.

Anything you do in life can be enhanced when you have more fun, more spirited, and with natural enthusiasm.

A sense of humor naturally draws upon these natural resources of our unique personality and allows your individualism to shine!

We are all unique, a sense of humor is cultivated when you fully understand what makes you laugh, and what makes others laugh.

A sense of humor is human and it helps you connect with people from many walks of life!

And just like a fingerprint, we have a unique way of portraying it unto others,

Save time, and gain the insights you'll need to start getting on the path to finding your authentic self in discovering your sense of humor!

There is no other ecourse that dives into the inner game needed to find your sense of humor effectively, and without hassle. This is NOT an ecourse about writing or performing comedy, this is a step by step mindset shift to becoming the naturally humorous person you already are!

Here's How To Find Your Sense Of Humor Fast.

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Make this purchase with peace of mind.

I want you to take this course and get a feeling that you've made the right decision.

If you ever feel like the ecourse does not suit your needs or it just doesn't satisfy, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

I strongly believe this ecourse will change the game in how people will tap into their own personalities and draw out a natural sense of humor that no other program can offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another how to write funny ecourse?

No. This is an inner work ecourse that frees up the capacity to comprehend humor for yourself. You will not find a fixed way to being a naturally funny person. Instead you will learn the psychology and techniques into having a more humorous lifestyle.

How exactly will I find my sense of humor?

Just like a unique fingerprint, you are the only person that exists with the values and beliefs that make you who you are. The same goes for your sense of humor. We will dig out what makes you laugh and the skills needed to use it on command!

What's inside the ecourse?

Once you have access to the ecourse, you will have lifetime access to the insights I've collected over the years into an easy to comprehend 10 lesson course. Each ranging from 5-10 minutes long, combined will show you how to find the gifts from your personality to make others laugh.

What will I learn specifically from the ecourse?

You will learn the mindsets to discover your sens of humor and implementing it into your everyday life. You will cultivate the insights about how to find the funny fast, and how to be more creative once you've discovered what makes you laugh and how to make others laugh.

Why is a sense of humor so important?

A sense of humor is human! This is a personality trait that we all have, but very few master it! 100% human proof and underrated skill that can start and grow relationships and make everyday life much more enjoyable for you and everyone you meet!

How do I get a refund if I don't find the course satisfactory?

If you are not satisfied with the ecourse in any way within 30 days, I will provide you a full refund no questions asked. Simply send me an email and you will shortly get your money back hassle-free.

Here's How To Find Your Sense Of Humor Fast.

Click below to get access to the ecourse and immediate get on the right path to finding your sense of humor FAST!

Don't Forget To Laugh Everyday!

I do what I do just to spread laughs. Sounds cheesy I know...but its a calling I don't deny! I made this ecourse to show people like you how to do this in your own special way! We need comedy now more than ever! And with a great sense of humor comes great responsibility! Let's share the gift of laughing! If you have any questions, you can send me an email directly:

Manny Garavito | Comedy Coach

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