Discover Your Very Own Sense Of Humor And Create A Lifestyle With It.

Stand Out Using Your

Very Own Sense of Humor

Discover Your Unique Comedy Style.

I'll help you find your unique comedy voice faster. You will understand what makes you laugh - and how you can use that to make others laugh.

Create Comedy Content Online.

You're online more than you are on stage. It's easier to be funny on social media, use that to your advantage and practice how to be funny in your everyday life and share it with the world.

Make Your Audience Pay Attention To You.

I can show you how to magnetize your audience with your comedy style, and have them like you. Learn how to create a fanbase, a business or a lifestyle based around your sense of humor.

Grow Your Comedy Confidence.

I can show you how to grow your confidence and become charismatic. Make your audience have fun with you and never feel humiliation, shyness or worry about what other people think ever again.

About Manny Garavito

As a comedy coach, Manny Garavito knows the power of laughter and how it can transform lives. He helps his clients avoid the pitfalls of a life without play by teaching them how to tap into their sense of humor and use it to create a more fulfilling and joyful life. Manny's unique approach to coaching combines his entrepreneurial skills with his comedy persona, creating a fun and engaging environment for his clients to learn and grow. With Manny's guidance, you can discover the power of laughter and unlock your full funny potential.

They Say...

Kyle Grooms

Miami / NYC Comedian and Comedy Club Owner of Laugh Lounge Miami

" Manny Garavito understands Marketing Comedy and all the algorithms of it."

Rudy Wilson

Film Director and Winner of Best Of Miami Comedian

"Manny is the man! He runs the Miami comedy scene! I’ve gotten plenty of stage time and opportunities thanks to him! Even winning Miami New Times Best Comedian in 2019"

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