September 25

Why Comedy Clarity is Your GPS to Online Stardom—No Map Required


Are you a humorist whose jokes are getting lost in the digital noise? You're crafting one-liners and storytelling masterpieces, yet the only sound you hear is crickets. It’s not you; it's your lack of focus. Today, we’ll explore why clarity in your comedy topics can be your shortcut to online visibility and fan loyalty.

The Lost Comedian: Where's Waldo Got Nothing On You

You spend hours brainstorming, writing, rehearsing, and maybe even shooting your comedy material. And what happens? You publish it, share it, and then... nothing. It’s like being Waldo in a "Where’s Waldo" where nobody cares to find you. Here's why this could be happening to you.

Say My Name, Say My Name: The Power of Branding

Comedy is no different from any other industry when it comes to branding. You need a distinct voice and an unmistakable style. If your topics are as scattered as a toddler's toy room, no one knows what to expect from you. Let's discuss why strong branding in comedy is not just a gimmick—it's a necessity.

Finding Your Comedy North Star

What's your comedy about? Politics? Family? Airplane food? Whatever your focus is, it should be your North Star, guiding each joke, each one-liner, each story you tell. We’ll look at examples of comedians who have their shtick down to a fine art and how that’s paying off for them.

Three Steps to Unblur Your Comedy Lens

If you're ready to stop being a generalist and start being a specialist, follow these three steps. First, list your topics. Second, narrow it down. And third, become one with your chosen subject matter. It's not limiting—it's freeing. And most importantly, it'll make your comedy more relatable to a specific audience that'll keep coming back for more.

The Homework: School’s in Session, Funny People!

Time to take this theory and make it practical. Your homework is to come up with a comedy bit solely focused on your selected topics. Share it on social media, and don’t forget to measure the response. You might be surprised by how much more engaged your audience is when you’re crystal clear about your comedy subject matter.


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