August 28

How To Post Your First Comedy Skit



Ever watched a hilarious comedy skit and thought, "I could totally do that!"? Well, guess what? You can—and you should! Comedy skits not only showcase your knack for humor but also your charisma, acting chops, and that indescribable something that makes you stand out. And let's talk variety: scenarios, characters, and your unique pitch to the public.

The Problem: Getting Started

The big hurdle? Actually getting started. You gotta make and post those skits to sharpen your funny bone. Stop fretting about likes, shares, or what Aunt Karen might think. If you're in this game to seek approval, you're killing your creativity before it even takes off.

The Solution: Dive In!

When you post that first skit, you're signing up for a rollercoaster ride of learning—from writing and acting to editing and absorbing feedback. Sounds daunting? Don't sweat it. The more you do, the easier it gets. So let's break it down.

Make the Time

No more "I'll do it someday." Block out a couple of hours and get those creative juices flowing. Write down ideas, play around with AI for some fresh perspectives, or just jot down:

"I am going to make a funny skit about ___, because my audience ____, and it's funny because ____."

Organize the Skit

Plan your beginning, middle, and end. Script it or ad-lib it—just get those ideas on paper so you can act on them.


Your smartphone camera will do, but don't skimp on the microphone. Clear audio is your best friend; it keeps your viewers engaged and makes sure your punchlines land.

Act It Out

No half-measures—go full throttle. Bring your comedy concept to life and show 'em why you're the next big thing in comedy.

Edit Out the Fluff

Editing is where the magic happens. Cut out anything that delays the punchline and keeps you from being irresistibly shareable.


You're not just creating for now—you're creating for later. Use catchy titles, engaging descriptions, and relevant hashtags for future fans to find you.

Get the Feedback

Who laughed? Who shared? Learn from your audience to tailor your humor even more finely.

The Convenience Factor

Your skit is not just funny; it's conveniently funny. Whether someone's chilling on their couch or waiting in line at the DMV, your comedy can bring a smile to their face.

The Sky's the Limit

A single post can be the turning point for your comedy journey. But to reach that, you have to start somewhere. So grab your metaphorical pen, camera, and a dash of courage, and make 'em laugh!

Ready for More?

Feeling pumped but need that extra push? I offer comedy coaching sessions and easy-to-follow e-courses that can help you fast-track your comedy career. Check them out my coaching packages and ecourse or hit me up on socials.

See you on the next episode of the Comedy Coach Podcast, and remember—your sense of humor is a gift to the world. Unwrap it! 


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