January 31

How To Find Your Sense Of Humor | Comedy Coach Podcast


Manny Garavito shares how to discover your sense of humor and develop it into building a lifestyle of your choosing.

If you ever believed that you have an inner comedian inside of you, getting started in saying your funny thoughts out loud may seem daunting.

But with enough practice your comedy style will shine through your doubts. To start off, identify what you find funny.

Who are your favorite comedians, and your favorite tv / internet comedy shows, or podcasts. What would you label that comedy style?

What makes it so funny? Once you start defining the intricate details of these comedy styles is how you take the first step in getting in touch with what makes you laugh, and what you’re naturally inclined to emulate, then develop as your own!

The Comedy Coach Podcast is your go-to place to work on all the various ways to make yourself laugh and sharing the laughter with everyone you meet.

If you’re serious about developing your inner comedian, send me an email to get to know my Comedy Coaching packages: manny@mannygaravito.com


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