Learn How To Grow An Audience That Loves Your Sense Of Humor, And Supports Your Comedy Career

Announcing the FIRST ecourse that shows you how to POSITION yourself in finding a supportive audience that LOVES your comedy.

Easy Comedy Marketing is a series of video lessons that shows aspiring comedians how to make an income by attracting an audience that LOVES your comedy.

These methods can be used in any level of experience.

Whether you are starting out or already have booked gigs and an hour of material.

This e-course will show you how to start POSITIONING yourself to create an audience that will provide you an income without a booker having to do this for you.

This program is a simple 12 lesson e-course into 3 simple and practical parts that will implement how to use Marketing and your Comedy Creativity to create a foundation that will attract people to your comedy style in just over 2+ hours.

If you've always felt a special calling to become a successful comedian, and you've always dreamed about making an income sharing the joys of laughter...join me in Easy Comedy Marketing and turn your calling into a reality.

Grow Your Audience With The Easy Comedy Marketing System!

This ecourse is design to help you learn how Marketing your comedy can build a sustainable income for you. All you have to do is communicate to your audience effectively using your very own sense of humor!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This ecourse is split into THREE different parts to easily understand how Comedy and Marketing can work together to grow an audience that supports your comedy career.

Part 1: Shifting from comedian to marketer
  • You'll learn what REAL Marketing is and how to apply it into a comedy career.
  • Become aware of the BIG mistakes being done by comedians today.
  • You'll understand what it is to create VALUE for people and become a VALUABLE comedian.
Part 2: Creating your online foundation
  • You'll discover how to create an online presence that will make comedy fans want to RESEARCH what your comedy is all about.
  • Become a proactive comedian by interacting with potential customers and comedy fans using social media.
  • Find out what creates QUALITY Content and use it to communicate effectively for the audience you are building.
Part 3: Systemize the process
  • Compile everything you learned in creating a system that generates content.
  • Make writing a HABIT and use it to create an ongoing process that generates and fine-tunes your comedy career.
  • Learn important skills to become a comedian with a GREAT reputation and backs up everything you do online and on stage.

About Manny Garavito

I am a comedy coach and edutainer helping up-and-coming comedians  shortcut their career or lifestyle success by getting in touch with their unique sense of humor. 

I've coached dozens of clients from various walks of life. From ages 12 to 67, awkward teens, award winning stand up comedians, ex convicts and helped more people understand their personality quirks and turn it into a source for humor.

I've started various online businesses revolving around comedy, and created a modern day entertainer lifestyle by taking full control of my comedy career.

I started a virtual comedy club in the city of Miami, that has been featured on the documentary Respect the Light on Amazon Prime.

Marketing and Comedy has never been combined effectively until now...

This is the only ecourse in the market that effectively shows you how to grow an audience using the gifts of your personality.

Understanding Marketing has many definitions, and it changes so rapidly with the times, that it may seem confusing when you just want to become a comedian and make people laugh.

This ecourse is designed to help you get a much better understanding on how to use Marketing to grow in your comedy career.

I made it as simple as possible, and it is designed for any kind of humor.

All you have to do is take the principles and take action in starting a relationship with your audience.

Grow Your Audience Using Your Sense of Humor.

Click below to get access to the ecourse and immediately get on the right path to growing an audience and starting a lifestyle as a comedian with a following.

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Make this purchase with peace of mind.

I want you to take this course and get a feeling that you've made the right decision.

If you ever feel like the ecourse does not suit your needs or it just doesn't satisfy, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

I strongly believe this ecourse will change the game in how you can use your humor to grow and audience and live the comedian lifestyle you've always wanted.


whats the difference between this and a regular marketing course?

Marketing always changes with the times, this ecourse keeps you on track. I show you how to use the mindsets and psychology needed to combine marketing AND comedy at the same time.

how exactly do i grow an audience using marketing and my humor?

Defining the value you have as a comedian, and the value your humor has, and communicating that to benefit an audience allows you to get the attention of people who are interested in that value. This ecourse helps you understand how to do just that!

what's inside the course?

Once you have access to the ecourse, you will have lifetime access to the insights I've collected over the years into an easy to comprehend 10 lesson course. Each ranging from 5-10 minutes long, combined will show you how to communicate with an audience online and off stage.

what will i learn specifically from the ecourse?

It is every comedians responsibility to make a living doing comedy. The internet has made this possible more than ever before. You will learn how to use your very own sense of humor and start to build relationships with an audience. Over time you can master what its like to build a community that supports your comedy career.

why is marketing so important in my comedy career?

Learning how Marketing works and adapting to its changes is how you grow a business. Your comedy and sense of humor is like a product and service. If you know how to communicate the value it has, your audience will resonate with your message and you can start growing your comedy career with your very own following!

how do i get a refund if i dont find the course satisfactory?

If you are not satisfied with the ecourse in any way within 30 days, I will provide you a full refund no questions asked. Simply send me an email and you will shortly get your money back hassle-free.

Grow Your Audience Using Your Sense of Humor.

Click below to get access to the ecourse and immediately get on the right path to growing an audience and starting a lifestyle as a comedian with a following.

Don't Forget To Laugh Everyday!

I do what I do just to spread laughs. Sounds cheesy I know...but its a calling I don't deny! I made this ecourse to show people like you how to do this in your own special way! We need comedy now more than ever! And with a great sense of humor comes great responsibility! Let's share the gift of laughing! If you have any questions, you can send me an email directly: manny@mannygaravito.com

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